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How to answer a question

Do I need to register and/or login before answering questions?

No, it is optional to register and log in. We encourage you to register. Please review our privacy policy for more details about what happens to the information required at registration.

Can I respond anonymously?


What if I would like to submit a response for consideration but do NOT want my answer to be visible on the Web site?

Only those participants who select YES to 'Make responses public?' (the menu immediately beneath the text box) will have their answers visible to other citizens through this Web site. Answering NO to this question will not prevent your responses from being considered by the Minister, but will reduce the number of opinions that your fellow participants have to consider when deliberating on their own responses.

How many times can I respond to each question?

Each citizen is asked to submit a maximum of two responses to each of the Minister's questions. We encourage participants to continue to follow the discussion even after they have submitted answers to questions, and to revise and update their responses should their opinions change as a result of engaging in this dialogue on foreign policy. However, please keep in mind that only the first two answers to each question will be accepted from each user. ONLY THE LAST ANSWER WILL COUNT IN THE REPORT TO THE MINISTER.

If the moderator sends my response back to me, does that count as one of my two opportunities?

No, each participant is entitled to submit two responses. Having a first draft of a response returned by the moderator does not count as one of your submissions.

What should I do if the moderator returns my message?

Only those responses that are deemed by the moderator to be on topic and in accordance with the Civil Rules will be made available to the public and/or the Minister for consideration. If the moderator returns your response, please read the comments carefully and, taking into account the moderator's suggestions, resubmit your response for posting.

Can I discuss these issues with other citizens on-line before officially submitting my response to the questions?

Yes, citizens are invited to participate in the discussion forum where they can engage in lively, free-flowing conversation with each other about the issues central to the Minister's questions.

Is there a maximum length for answers to the Minister's questions?

Yes, participants are asked to keep their answers to under 1500 words.

What attributes make for a good response?

Whether you are a professional author or uncomfortable expressing yourself in either official language, following our Suggestions for posting effective messages will ensure that your responses are clear and accessible to your fellow Canadians and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. We encourage all participants to review these suggestions prior to responding.

Can I view the responses of others before logging in?

Yes, by going to the View answers section, all Internet users are invited to view the responses of Canadians to these important questions posed by the Minister. No registration or log in is required.