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DFAIT logo partnership The logo for the by design elab, an independent research development and production think tank specializing in online forums for policy development, incubated in 1997 at the McLuhan Program at the University of Toronto
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This section provides the latest news relating to the Foreign Policy Dialogue. You will also find summaries of participants' messages, copies of the weekly bulletin and an e-mail address for letters to the editors. From time to time you will also find information about Minister's town halls and special expert interviews.

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  • Final Report online

    Media Release: Graham reports on foreign policy advice from Canadian public
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  • Citizen Briefs

    The Dialogue consultation is now accepting citizen briefs for posting.
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  • Bulletin

    Bulletin for April 16 - 22 now on-line
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  • Resources Online

    "International Norms and Law" and "Prosperity Pillar, Business and Trade Issues" - Expert Round Tables now online
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  • Town Hall

    Town Hall Netcast from Montreal now online
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