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Association franco-canadienne d'études stratégiques

Eighth Seminar of the Association franco-canadienne d'études stratégiques

Toronto, Glendon College, York University,
Nov. 15-16, 2002

  • Jean Angrand RM
    (Identity-based Exclusion and Social Conflict: The Implications for International Security)
  • André P. Donneur (UQAM): RM and Stéphane Roussel RM
    (The Impact of the Events of September 11 on the Independence of Canadian Foreign Policy)
  • Anne-Marie Durocher and Louis-Blaise Dumais-Lévesque RM
    (Implementation of the Security Perimeter: Institutional and Cultural Structures as Constraints)
  • Jean-Paul Hébert (EHESS, Paris): RM
    (The New Architecture of Weapons Production Systems and Security)
  • Stanislav J. Kirschbaum (York, Glendon): RM
    (Terrorism post-September 11: A New Challenge to International Security?)
  • Alex Macleod (UQAM): RM
    (Security and National Identity in the Aftermath of September 11: A French-British Comparison)
  • Guy Morissette (BCPR, Ottawa): RM
    (From the Atomic Bomb to Ethnic Cleansing: Challenges to NATO in the New International Security Environment)
  • Josiane Tercinet (Mendès-France,Grenoble): RM
    (The Security Council and Terrorism)
  • John Young (CMR, Kingston): RM
    (Transatlantic Relations and NATO Expansion: The Impact of the September 11 Attacks)