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A Dialogue on Foreign Policy

A Dialogue on Foreign Policy
A Better Canada, a Better World
The 1995 Policy Review and Since
The three pillars
Interdependence and multilateralism
The Canada-U.S. relationship
Recent global changes
Security cooperation
Canada's military security
Approaches to non-military security
Canada and North America
Globalizing prosperity
Canadian prosperity and global vision
Values and Culture
Sharing our values and experience
Promoting our culture
A request to Canadians


A request to Canadians

The Government believes that in the years to come, Canadians want their foreign policy to continue to reflect their national identity, values and experience, and to promote security and prosperity at home and abroad. Much has changed since the last review of Canada's foreign policy. Debates over globalization and its impacts, over the global menace of terrorism, over our role in North America, over the intensified dialogue of cultures, and over the capacity of international institutions to respond effectively - all of these now require fresh reflection and a focus on the priorities that will shape our future choices. Together, the citizens and Government of Canada need to address the questions in this paper. Through your comments, you can help us to ensure that the foreign policy of Canada continues to represent the views of Canadians.

Questions for Discussion

Concluding Question

  1. Please respond to the paper as a whole.
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  • The 1995 Policy Review and Since
  • Security
  • Prosperity
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