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Distinct Societies

Contributor: Fleabag

Date: 2003-04-22 21:36:48

Why would I feel confident with even our (Canada's) foreign policy when our own internal policy is not fit for export?
To quote Eugene Forsey, "No one can deny that Quebec is, culturally and sociologically, a distinct society. So is Newfoundland".
What example of provincial autonomy can Canada hope to recommend to the Turkomen and Kurds et al in Iraq? To whom should our inadequate example of possibility to be addressed?
Anti-helpful talk of separation (Quebeq and Alberta, namely) lends no credence to the phrase 'all for one and one for all', provincially, but rather fosters the notion of 'all for me'.
The posters in this forum are a keen example of why commonality of purpose is to be exhorted. While there are differences of opinion and even theology, all agree on the importance of, and are participating in, valuable discussion about core issues affecting all, not just the one.
Good and bad are relative to outcome.
Right and wrong are relative to being. For all.

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