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DFAIT logo partnership The logo for the by design elab, an independent research development and production think tank specializing in online forums for policy development, incubated in 1997 at the McLuhan Program at the University of Toronto
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Who is behind this web site?

The electronic consultation is a partnership initiative between the Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development ( in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade) and the byDesign eLab and its civil society associates.

Why a partnership?

In order to take into account a broad spectrum of Canadian opinion in an innovative and in depth manner, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) decided to engage in a dialogue with Canadians on how our values and interests should be expressed in foreign policy. The Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development has been working since 1998 with the byDesign eLab ( and civil society partners at the McLuhan Program, University of Toronto and the eCommons/Agora project) on the uses of new technologies for citizen engagement and participation in foreign policy making.