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Thank you for participating in the Dialogue on Foreign Policy. The interactive web site is now closed. The Minister's report will appear on this web site once it is released.

Ce forum est bilingue, et les participants peuvent rédiger leurs commentaires dans la langue de leur choix.

Thank You, Canada

Participant: Fleabag

Date: 2003-04-28 22:54:31

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the instigators and moderators of this forum, and DFAIT, for their excellent dialogue paper, the forum, and most of all, for providing the opportunity of public participation regarding foreign policy.
I commend all those posters who took the time out of busy schedules to debate matters which may seem somewhat lofty, but affect our individual ideals and Canadian Pride.
Mostly, though, I would like to thank all Canadians (well, mostly all) for being exemplary ambassadors of our country both at home and abroad.
Even if none of my ideas or input are deemed credible or feasible, I still will cherish the opportunity to voice my concerns, for that is what freedom is all about.
Freedom is not 'responsible anarchy', as Ralphie Klein et al would prefer, but the freedom to choose actions which make an individual and communities, great. (From hell's heart I stab at thee, Right-Wing Conservatives! lol)
To end, a couple of quotes.
"No Truck Nor Trade With The Yankees!" This was the PC party slogan in 1911 as Wilfred Laurier (the dude on our 10 dollar bill) waged an anti-reciprocity campaign and failed.

"Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners. And necessity has made us allies. Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder."
John F Kennedy, in a joint sitting of the Senate and House of Commons, Ottawa, May 17 1961.

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