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Thank you for participating in the Dialogue on Foreign Policy. The interactive web site is now closed. The Minister's report will appear on this web site once it is released.

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Participant: solardog

Date: 2003-04-27 18:16:35

SARS is hardly the epidemic that people think it is. we're not going to be able to eliminate SARS by quarantine all living carriers, and expecting it do die out.
Bacteria evolves. this is something that we just have to deal with. Our attempts to destroy the bacteria makethem evolve and get stronger.
Im not saying that quarantines shouldnt take place, but we need to look at proper education of what Harbors Sickness. SARS is not fatal to everyone that gets it. WHY?
When it comes to germs, bacteria, (yeast, mold, fungus, etc.)Disease, we must be Aware. TERRAIN IS EVERYTHING.
Like a mosquito needs stagnant water to breed, germs need a certain terrain to develop into sickness and disease.
sure, nothing can guarantee you 100% from sickness or whatever might arise, but you can maintain an acid-alkaline balance in your blood via eating good foods, then germs CANNOT develop into th morbid microforms that we know as disease and sickness. We eat way too much acidic food, that yes, Germs are having a feild day on us and the only thing we know to do is take antibiotics. but yo its not a solution for your body anymore than nuclear war is a solution for the planet.
Germs aren't going to disappear. if its not SARS, it'll be something else. Focus on creating a Terrain that Germs can't overbreed in(Eat Properly,i.e. not so much meats and breads, more living green vegetables, etc.)
Education of Proper Health and Nutrition is the main thing, then even if you get SARS, chances are your body will be able to deal with it before it kills you, like many people have been able to do

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Participant: jwitt

Date: 2003-04-27 20:51:05

Firstly, SARS is most likely viral, not bacterial. The fact is that there is no good evidence as to the exact agent(s) which result in SARS. Current evidence indicates it may not be the corona virus as originally suggested because many SARS patients show no evidence of corona infection. It may even be caused by a prion. Although diet and general health are important factors in disease prevention, they are certainly ineffective against small pox and many other diseases. So until we know exactly what we are dealing with, quarantine is the only defense. In China and Hong Kong, the SARS syndrome certainly has reached epidemic proportions and it behooves us to prevent it from becoming so here.

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