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In War We Trust

Contributor: 1490

Date: 2003-04-25 19:42:13

War War War why didnt I think of this before! Security is measured by the ability a country has to Destroy it's Enemies. In all Forms!
Terrorism?? WAR ON TERRORISM! yahoo!

The MORE Money a country can spend on WAR is the MORE Security AND Prosperity that that country will enjoy. Need We Even Doubt it??
Need We Even Question it??

Well yeah, you could say that Germs are adapting and even getting stronger as a result of our antibiotics, but We will not Back Down NOW, we Can NOT! The only solution is to create Even Stronger Antibiotics and schedule even More routine Immunuzations! it's all those unimmunized people that are making the rest of us sick.we'll just SEE those Germs squeal and squirm, until we attain Peace in our Bodies.

Ok Ok I guess you could say that since the War on Drugs has really got going, we've observed a higher refinement and an increase of synthetic(designer)drugs, in many forms, while increasing the black market and pushing drug-offenders further underground.
Well, I say, we know where they are, right!? so lets go down there and Get 'em!
Logic offers but one solution.
We Need War on Drugs! In War We Trust, right? If we Back Down now, our Children's children will be lost to Drugs, Forever..
We can't let War down, it's depending on Us to keep it going, and we mustn't squander our responsibility.

I know what you're thinking. Germs have gotten stronger in the face of our War effort philosophy to Defeat them, yeah yeah Drugs got more prevalent and available to people in more awkward forms since we Declared War on Drugs, but hey now,Terrorism, that evil, most cunning ever threatening Possibility that lingers and peers at us from the shadows, cast from the East..
Again, We must resort to Logic to provide us the answer to 'terrorism'.

We Must go to War against it! if not simply because, In War We Trust! I mean come on, were you expecting anything else??
Reality people,Terrorism is a threat. We either go to War against it, or be Defeated by it. there's no other way

War is the Only way we can even Hope of confronting terrorism. They Hate Freedom! We all know it! Didn't you hear Bush explain it for us??
So we're gonna give 'em Freedom the hard way!

Oh come on, They Hate Freedom, enough already, we don't need to wonder 'Why' Terrorists would want to attack us from all directions. Asking 'Why' would get people thinkg that We might benefit from changing something about the way we treat the Earth or something. Well, we're a Free country and we can whatever we WANT, got it? They're all abunch of Freedom and Democracy Haters, but don't worry once they're all Dead, the rest of us Freedom Lovers can get on with enjoying our lives and being Free without them.

Just sit back, relax, and tune in to your regular scheduled programming people and dont you worry your little heads 'bout a thing. In War We Trust. we're doing everytihng we can to step it up on all levels, for your Security, of course. everything's under control.
Nevermind the toxic waste that is piling up as a result of our weapons technology, we've already got plans to bury it in Nevada, where no one wants to go anyway.
as soon as all this is over, it'll be drinks on me,business as usual, you know? as long as we've got War on our side, Peace, Security and Prosperity is practically guaranteed. So lets' put all our spare energy into War and who knows, in lessthan ten years,(surely no more than thirty) we can be enjoying Peace and know that it was all worth every Penny to Secure it. All thanks to War.

Oh whats that?We might run out of oil sometime soon? yeah,but theres no need to worry about it now, while we're enjoying things. Peace is so close, can't you just keep the Faith for a while longer?when it's time to figure somthing out, we'll start looking at alternatives that are sustainable, but until then, why bother?

Oh come on, Education doesn't help people live more healthy and respect there mind and bodies. We already tried that one,"Just Say No", what more education do people need? if they don't learn, well they're in for some prison time, period.
Ok, we'll educate 'em further,that buying Drugs supports terrorism, and if they still buy Drugs, well, they're in for even more prison time, the good for nothing delinquents.
Look,Education can only go so far, before we have to rely on War again.it can't help people ward off sickness. Doctor's prescriptions are the only thing that can keep people from getting sick. thats Education for ya. The food people eat has nothing to do with their state of wellness, who would have thought such as silly thing! At any rate, education is a luxury that we can afford only after we secure Peace. no point in getting ahead of ourselves here.
In War We Trust. We Trust War.
Oh yeah,The War on insects is another one we've got rally together for. Boycott Organic Farmers. they're letting pests stay alive by not spraying their crops. Very unpatriotic. yeah yeah yeah, you say that insects are adapting and getting stronger as result of our efforts to wipethem out, well Ive heard that one before. and Ive got a response for ya, the War on Pests and Weeds is as important as any, and we're ready for them all, thats right, Genetically modified Food. that oughta show em!

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