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Thank you for participating in the Dialogue on Foreign Policy. The interactive web site is now closed. The Minister's report will appear on this web site once it is released.

This Forum is bilingual, and participants post messages in their language of choice.


Contributor: solardog

Date: 2003-03-26 03:28:24

YES we need to VALUE DIVERSITY and the creative responses that might inspire the next person to add something to the puzzle. we can't find 'Peace' looking outside of ourselves or by means of force. 'Peace' doesn't mean 'No suffering or death', as we must know and accept. Rather than an idealists dream,'Peace' is more a byproduct of Justice(not to be confused with Revenge)so we need to encourage Awareness and Realization of our Universal Human Rights(UN Declaration, 1948)and we can Defeat our Enemies with Non-cooperation(cease all contact, economic or otherwise if need be) and still OFFER A PLACE AT OUR TABLE if they stop the oppression and tyranny of their own people, suppressing the UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS in their country. so we can't assume that we will ever achieve 'peace' if we create Injustice(war).
TODAY we 'see'(on the news) as 'everyone' in IRaq is parading and we're all saying to ourselves, well hey now that wasn't so bad, Saddam's days are out the door. Cheers! but in a year or two how's Life gonna be in Iraq? well there'll be plenty of Rebuilding of the Oil wells no doubt and any other institutions pertaining to the access of RESOURCES will be duly funded and seen to development, this is ofcourse, the Economic Freedom we are 'liberating' the world to(not Economic Responsibility though)And yeah in two years('best' case scenario) we might see a place that's 'Free' just like America, there'll be WalMarts and McDonalds(what do I know there probably already is) and the kids will go to school til they're eighteen (twenty two if they want to make any real money)and everyone will be working eight-plus hours a day, men and women alike,and there'll be video games and CABLE TELEVISION for everyone- aaahhhhhh. and best of all, the Economy will be 'saved' everywhere o), and people will be able to get anything they want or invent something new and if it sells, then welcome to the American Dream (all pot smokers will be arrested, naturally, and Guns will be indirectly accessible to every child) and the don't forget the War on Terrorism, which 'Might' be 'kinda different' as the US occupies a little chunk of land in the heart of the Middle East. Oh well(they seem to say), the American tax-payers can cover any expenses, now and in the future, not because they've proven to cover their expenses in the past(debt is on its way over a trillion, and its a forecasted two tril by 2010), but because our Creditors know "we're good for it". Welcome to FREEDOM everybody!

brought to you by the Republican Party

ok, um.. can I ask a question? what happened to planet Earth? can we bring around some sanity here? this is ridiculous, The USA as it is today is NOT some sort of 'model' Nation that we should be so happy is spreading over the globe. USA has the highest suicide rate and children killing their teachers and look at the percentage of imprisoned people? HOW can we pretend to forget that these things aren't going on in the Western World? The US has a LOT OF REFLECTION to do before it pushes its brand of "freedom" onto the rest of the World. The Internal Problems of the USA aren't just isolated to the USA, either. We are all so disconnected to our Earth(and have been even more so since WW2) in a very Real sense, and this is relatively new for Humans. We have all but forgotten Her(Mother Nature), and have all but 'decided' to seek out Her replacement in the conscious mind with Round-up Ready-Genetically Modified Seeds...oh, and WHO purifies the now toxic water?? WE DO!! (at the standard corporate Fee, of course)
this is the type of 'Economic Freedom' we have to look forward to in the World unless we reverse the Trends of Environmental Disrespect and Unresponsibility in our Capitalist Systems
There is a WAR underway on our Natural Resources and guess who's Losing. WE ARE! but guess who's winning? NO ONE! it's just a matter of HOW FAST we 'get it over with'(well these wars sure do speed it up, eh?) unless WE somehow can Do something about it. its up to everyone, not just the Government, though they 'could be' a motivating factor for positive change.
Im glad Canada is adopting the Kyoto Treaty, but it looks like BC Premier Campbell is selling the forests... we're still going uphill people, we've got a long way to go

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Contributor: webfluid

Date: 2003-04-02 06:15:52

I don't see what you message had to do with "bio-diversity". Biodiversity is a term used to describe an assortment of living organisms within a defined geographical space. Try to be a little more succinct next time.
Sure there is a problem of unsustainable consumption because of the current voracious post-colonial capitalist world system of values that ‘America’ is spreading around the world, but guess who’s worse than the US. We are. Canada’s energy consumption is almost 1.5 times higher per capita than that of the US. Perhaps this is because its really frekin’ cold up here and we need to heat our homes, or maybe it’s because we consume more natural resources than anyone on the planet. Who cares about the Kyoto treaty, have you read it? We don’t really have anything to loose if we adopt it (except for Alberta), we have a ridiculously rich natural resources base that our current population will be able to exploit for generations to come. What we should really be worried about are those poor bastards in the developing world who produce good that we consume in their own countries and get paid pennies a day for it. The problem that I think you were really trying to elucidate is the destructive post-colonial capitalist world system that is raping the tropical regions of our planet via multi-national corporations. Now that is unsustainable!

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Contributor: Jibongo

Date: 2003-04-24 16:22:55

Hey, webfluid, please don't be mean; solardog's message included as much about bio-diversity as yours did! And I loved solardog's enthusiasm! Your points were good, too. I, too, favor susinctness (simplicity & accuracy), but not at the expense of clarity. [The contents of the 'post-colonial capitalism' garbage-can doesn't contribute much to the clarity of our fundamental problems.]
I'm here to encourage bio-diversity & idea-diversity, both! They are equally important. Somehow, you & me & all our earthmates, need to learn to seek the nuggets of truth that are hidden in the posts we read (especially those we disagree with) & then add new insights from our own unique aggregate of experience.
This eDialogue will have conrtibuted much to world peace if we show the world that we are not interested in beating each other (up or down) but, instead, learn how to benefit from each unique viewpoint & seek the common ground (that must surely be there somewhere). Our differences need to be used to enrich our solutions. Let's not try to defeat those who differ. Let's see them for what they truly are: an invaluable resource for expanding our own (o so very limited) experiential base.

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