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Question 9: Prosperity

Should Canada focus on cultivating new economic partnerships with emerging powers such as China, India, Mexico and Brazil?



Excerpt Contributor Date
Partnerships sure. Economic partnerships? Why? We need friends not clients. The economic Para dyne is what is killing this planet itís not a solution. 1941 2003-05-02 01:17:01
Domestically, fair competition regulations should be legislated to prevent large U.S. corporations from demanding that Canadian competitors be evicted from malls as a condition of their renting or leasing space. In the past month Greater Victoria has lost two small businesses to such demands from U 1935 2003-05-01 22:17:19
Whatever partnerships Canada pursues should be governed by the overriding principles outlined in CCICís response to question 1. Though growth may be needed to reduce poverty, there are no guaranteed gains in poverty reduction from increased market access or even from increased export growth in deve CCIC 2003-05-01 21:50:34
Yes, as well as Europe, so that we are not so closely tied to the US. 1913 2003-05-01 21:07:01
Most certainly!

Canada has become extremely dependent upon the US over the past twenty five years and more so since NAFTA came into effect. True, proximity and shared values can account for this and justify our failure to expand our economic relationships with other nations more than we have done
1903 2003-05-01 21:06:54
Yes. But within the context of Canadian values. Canada should press for good human rights standards in any entreprise in which Canadians invest, or from which they purchase, including the rights of workers to organize. 1906 2003-05-01 21:06:48
As Canadians, we should be weary of new economic partnerships with dictatorships such as China, until they can demonstrate that

1. They will provide a greatly increased level of freedom of information within their countries, and

2. They start acting to make basic human rights a key priority i
1910 2003-05-01 21:06:41
Yes, Canads should focus on cultivatng new economic partnerships with emerging powers such as China, India, Mexico and Brazil. It should push forward freer trade and political ties - along the lines of dual citizenship to India - with these nations. Further, it should spur the incorporation of these 1908 2003-05-01 21:06:33
The distribution of wealth and power can shift overnight. We must not count on the U.S. remaining the sole superpower. We must not neglect the growing nations, nor should we underestimate their influence, resources, and potential. 1905 2003-05-01 21:06:25
Yes because our economic relationships must be as diverse as possible. But we must do it with integrity and not only because we can make money doing it.
1899 2003-05-01 15:45:02
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