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Question 1: The 1995 Policy Review and Since

Which values and interests bear most fundamentally on Canada's foreign policy? How can Canada's foreign policy better reflect the concerns and priorities of Canadians?



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Date: 2003-05-02 02:49:21
Governments are elected to represent the concerns of the everyday working people. These working people, particularly Native cultures, have been the longest- and therefore probably the most knowlegeable and effective stewards of the land. They work it and invest most of their lives and time responding to it, they are the masters responsible for it's production, which safely sustains human, animal and plant life, they carefully walk this delicate tight rope balancine act. Therefore it may be said that it is globally illegal to have the rights of the people of the land (who are responsible for the environment, non-renewable resources & technology) vetoed under agreements made under NATO, GATS and WTO. It is inhumane for the lives and well being of local working people to lie in large profit investor hands, investors who don't even live in the country, yet alone on the land. Histroy has proven doing so removes the power from the people comprimising the quality of production and the ability to sustain global life safely. 1st world nations have had a taste of this in history, and we call it Colonialism. Non-renewable resourses ie-BC's thousand year old growth-responsible for rainforest make-up=clean air, ancient plant life and rare species and negative ion production are often shipped right out of the country into foriegn hands for secondary production purposes...no work for BC'ers(I have seen this with my own eyes)-again,profit in place of sustainability. GATS, NATO and WTO member agreements allowing foreign $ to ignore such Local Governmental laws that limit business ventures, protect the ecological integrity of PUBIC parks and land and the requirement to ensure foriegn-owned companies hire local people or take local business partners is disastrous. The possible pressure Canada faces to get rid of its authority to prohibit the sale of government assets to non-canadians as well as waste method removal for ecologically sensitive areas ignored is terrifying to Canada’s future. These attacks on environmental and public interest regulations show how trade negotiations avoid "democratic oversight and accountability". In conclusion, overrulling Government laws that represent the people will make global impact by means of disease and political uncertainty and chaos along with revolt. If Local Governments are allowed to be overthrown and subject to being sued by foreign interest that care only for profit, then what is the point of Government? "Big outside investment means big outside control" $ should not take precedence over quality of life, ever. Please keep parks and public lands in public hands where it belongs. Also, I personally would like to see Canada joined with the EU. (Earth Union) Thank you.
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