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Question 8: Prosperity

What should Canada do to help make the benefits of globalization more widely shared within and among all countries?



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Date: 2003-05-01 22:12:58
We can maintain a fair if smaller share for Canada of the world's reduced consumption by ensuring that our trade with other nations is properly apportioned. If the U.S. continues its current course of military world dominance, its economy eventually will suffer, because its national debt will increase, the U.S. dollar will lose value, and then foreign investments in U.S. businesses will be withdrawn. We can only hope this does not result in a full-scale depression, both for our own and our American friends'
sakes. In the meantime Canadian policy should be to promote trade with countries other than the U.S. and reduce our economic dependence on that unstable regime. The bright side of a collapse of the U.S. economy is that
it will scale back the U.S. goal of world military dominance, to the increased security of all of us!

To promote prosperity among the less wealthy, we would like to see policies that promote development of small businesses both here at home and in other countries. Locally administered very small business loans, particularly to women, have shown much promise in this regard.
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