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Values and Culture

Thank you for participating in the Dialogue on Foreign Policy. The interactive web site is now closed. The Minister's report will appear on this web site once it is released.

This Forum is bilingual, and participants post messages in their language of choice.

Our Voice Joins Together, Our Hearts As One...

Contributor: 1440

Date: 2003-04-26 06:48:20


In the "Dialogue on Foreign Policy", under values and culture, it says that, "One of the most internationally respected elements of Canada's foreign policy is our long-standing advocacy of human rights, the rule of law, democracy, respect for diversity, gender equality and good governance." Canada has been recognized for successfully upholding these elements of our policy in a number of areas. One example, of the many to be given, is Canada's success in rescuing and saving innocent people's lives in countries abroad. One such example close to my heart, is how Canada was the first Country to step forward and rescue 7 Falun Gong practitioners from persecution and brutal torture in China's forced labor re-education camps, jails, and psychiatric institutions.

However, hundreds of thousands of practitioners continue to be persecuted in China, and news of deaths by torture is escalating every day. The past Chinese head of state, dictator Jiang Zemin, as well as others responsible for implementing this persecution, are currently facing charges of “Genocide” in countries around the world. Their actions have committed atrocious and bloody human rights violations that are in direct violation of the values enshrined in international constitutions, treaties, and laws of all civilized nations today, especially here in Canada.

Furthermore, there have been a number of recorded attempts by the Chinese embassies and consulates here in Canada to challenge our foreign policy. One means used repeatedly is spreading information of “State Propaganda” here in Canada, information that is completely false and incites fear and hate into people’s mind. This is not only illegal in Canada, but also immoral, as it intends to rationalize in Canadians' minds that this persecution is justified, and that killing and torturing innocent people because of their practice is O.K. It makes a mockery of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms to find this propaganda propagated through our media, as it has already been on several occasions.


In relation to our foreign policy, what steps can we take in dealing with such hate propaganda being spread on our soil? What steps should our government take?


How can our foreign policy counteract the effects of such hate propaganda on influencing our citizens, immigrants and visitors?

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Our Voice Joins Together, Our Hearts As One...

Contributor: pamm

Date: 2003-05-01 22:51:20

When a foreign government is spreading hate propaganda in Canada, our government should act swiftly to tell the embassy that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated. Despite the reciprocal diplomatic immunity agreements countries maintain, having offices on Canadian soil is a privilege and the foreign country is still a guest in Canada. As the host country, we set the rules of acceptable behaviour just as we would for guests in our home. I would not allow anyone staying in my home to do anything illegal and Canada should not either.

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Our Voice Joins Together, Our Hearts As One...

Contributor: Zoe

Date: 2003-05-01 23:02:13

I think we must send a strong message to the Chinese in this regard. Most important in my mind is that our own goverment at every level know that Falun Gong is a well respected and peaceful group, which would counteract any propaganda officials may recieve. A bigger problem is the Chinese language media who the main source of hate propaganda in the Chinese community, who are the most effected by all this. Could we pass an official policy on Falun Gong stating that canada strongly and fully supports its Falun Gong practitioners and publish it in the Chinese language papers? Can there be pamphlets handed out at the airport to all those arriving from Mainland China that such prejudice and hate is not welcome in Canadian society? Can all new immigrants from China be informed they are free to practice if they so choose.

Of course it is my personal opinion that we should stop sending any aid money to China. Sanctions were the only effective means in stopping the aparthied system in South Africa. As Canadians we are not really benefitting from the so called China gold rush anyway. Where have all our jobs gone? I would like to buy something at the dollar store that says Made in Canada for a change.

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Our Voice Joins Together, Our Hearts As One...

Contributor: particle

Date: 2003-05-01 23:26:00

We can first step forward as individuals and expose the illegal acitivity from its source. In order to reinforce our foreign policy, we as citizens need to join together with on heart to protect the values and culture that we as Canadians already have. Under Jiang's communist regime in China, where human rights and freedoms are not an individual's choice, we as Canadians can stand to lead the way for their freedom. We first need to stand by our own policies and make sure that it is not infringed upon by those scoundrels trying to make their way into our country and taking advantage of being protected under a consulate's/embassy's roof so to say.

Our government can take a leading role by exposing such illegal activity by Chinese Consulates & Embassies throughout our country. Treating it as a gap in our internal security that needs to be overlooked.

Our foreing policy can counteract these effects by having information available for foreign visitors and immigrants (especially those from China), about the truth of the atrocities, lies, and deception that their governing leader/'s have lead them through. For example, the truth of the mass genocide on innocent Falun Gong practitioners for the past 4 years. Any standard below this would be withholding crutial evidence and information from deserving citizens who have been deceived by the State-controlled propaganda machine. On top of the mass murder of Tibetan Monks, the 1989 bloody massacre of students in Tiananmen Square, to most recently the SARS outbreak that originated in China that was held for 4 months by the regime's leader/'s. An article in Time Magazine titled "A Tale of Two Countries - A TIME investigation into what went wrong in China and Canada by Romesh Ratnesar and Hannah Beech states:

"News of a widespread Shanghai cover-up would further devastate the credibility of the national government and perhaps threaten the political future of China's new President, Hu Jintao. Until its attempts to come clean last week on the situation in the capital, the Hu government's approach to dealing with SARS had been both craven and ineffectual. After the disease surfaced in China's southern Guangdong province in November, party leaders quashed media reports about its existence, fearing the public would stay home during the Chinese New Year holiday rather than spend money that could spur the economy. By early March, when the government convened the National People's Congress to inaugurate a new slate of senior leaders, doctors and members of China's state-controlled media say they knew about the growing crisis but were prevented from reporting it. "We had stories ready to run," says a journalist in Guangdong. "But before the Congress, we couldn't publish them, and after the Congress, the government didn't want to alarm the people."

These lies and bloody atrocities have a track record and has proven fatal to the international community and citizens of our world. Canada knows of this, and can take the first step forward to place "Jiang's Regime" in International Courts for the crimes of genocide they have been committing against their very own citizens, and now, the people of our world!

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