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The Three Pillars

Thank you for participating in the Dialogue on Foreign Policy. The interactive web site is now closed. The Minister's report will appear on this web site once it is released.

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what is national security? three clearer pillars

Contributor: solardog

Date: 2003-03-18 20:11:09

Since a Nation is many things, national security could also be referring to alot of different things,depending on the context of the discussion. Specifically, one could be referring to the security of a Nation as a People, or the security of the Nation as an Economy, or even the security of the Nation as its Resources, in other words, the security of its Nature. Between these three basic aspects of a Nation as a whole, there could be various sub-aspects, they would still fit some where into one or more of these three categories. Truly, it can be noted that these three distinguishable aspects of ‘what makes a Nation’ are closely interrelated, implying that each one of these aspects inherently affect the other. An analogy can assist our understanding of how these three aspects of a Nation work together as a living Whole, given that the People represent the Heart of a Nation, the Resources being the Roots of the Nation, and the Economy represents the Fruit of the Nation. Using this analogy, we can observe something about how these individual aspects work together in a sustainable way. The People are naturally the ‘Life-blood’ of what is generating the Fruits from the renewable Resources that are honored, respected and cherished above all, in order to assure Abundance for the Life-blood of future generations.

What is being tragically overlooked and thoroughly disrespected in our methods of maintaining National Security is the Nature and Resources of the Nation, even to the point of exhausting those precious Resources that are not renewable, and drastically polluting those resources that are renewable, such as Water and Air. Any effort to realistically maintain National Security must not overlook this aspect of the Nation as its’ Nature, because it truly is the Root aspect of any Nation. What we are currently Observing, is the priority/value system of our leaders and policy makers holding the Fruit (which naturally represents the Economy)of our Nation to be the most valuable aspect of the Nation (it certainly IS the most alluring and gratifying aspect) all for the well being and benefit of the People, to be assured. This ideology was recently exemplified by President George W. Bush (prior to September 11), when the Kyoto Protocol (an Environmental ‘treaty’) was coldly rejected for the expressed reason being that its’ implementation is a foreseen threat to the much more precious American Economy. In other words, our Economy is more important than protecting the Environment that sustains it. The effect that this priority system has on the Nation, which encourages the ongoing creation of ‘new products, drugs, toys, etc.’, is an even thirstier Economy, as the Resources continue to be degraded and/or run dry. With the help of our inflated Defense Budget, intended to provide National Security, we have been thoroughly ‘tearing out’ and poisoning our Resources, thereby seriously jeopardizing the very Heart of the Nation, as its living People, ever dependent on the Quality of Natural Resources.

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what is national security? three clearer pillars

Contributor: 1311

Date: 2003-04-13 18:35:26

I completely agree with your sentiment that the 'pillars' are too vague. Your analogy is quite excellent in relation to Pillar 2, thank you for sharing it. I think that more elaboration needs to be done on the other two as well.

For the first pillar, we ought to say what the lengths are that we are willing to take to protect national security. I would argue that the doctrine should take the form of commitment to self-defence, and a rejection of Bushian "preventative strikes".

And the values and culture of Canadians needs to be elaborated on. This would probably involve humanism and multiculturalism.

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