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Two Observer's seats at the Congress for Canada

Contributor: Roberge

Date: 2003-02-09 15:25:44

In reference to my previous message, and to follow up, I have one suggestion to make to Mr. Manley. Why not negociate to get two observor's seats at the Congress, one for the Senate and one for the Reps. It would assure us a presence in the inner cirle of Washington that no other State has. To have a direct presence is one of the most important thing to ensure the success of our links with the U.S., and nearer this presence is, better it is, and if we can be directly inside the circle, let's do it.

Every other country, including France, will die of envy. Believe it or not the French have problems to afford to keep their diplomatic employees not too far away from city centers, even the center of Washington. Try to imagine yourself, a diplomatic agent. There's a cocktail at 7PM to which influential people in Washington might assist, you've been working all day long and you have 90minutes drive to do to go back home and you'll have to wake up at the same hour the morning after. (And that's the simplest profil, we're not talking of a situation involving a family. And I think that some live even farther.) How many like this one are you going to go or, put it another way, how many like this one are you going to miss? A direct presence may do all the difference for the performance of a country.

So, imagine having two observors at Congress! That's the thing to do. (Oh, and Iím sure Mr. Pettigrew, minister of International Trade, wonít disagree.)

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