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Section overview

The News section acts as a central location for all new information related to the Foreign Policy Dialogue site. Visitors should bookmark this page for quick access to the most current site information and to send letters to the Editor. Visitors to this section will find frequently updated summaries of the public's response to the Minister's questions and of discussions occurring in the forum. Participants in this electronic consultation will also use this page for details about the newsletter which summarizes the summaries on a bi-weekly basis.

The navigation bar at the top of the News section includes: What's New, Archive, Bulletin and Letters to the Editor.

What's New

Participants should check here for progress reports on this online consultation and to keep abreast of upcoming events related to the dialogue on foreign policy.


Periodically, news items will be removed from the main News page and listed in the Archive section. News items will not be removed from the site, but their currency will determine whether or not they remain in the News or What's New sections. Site visitors can click on the Archive link to read older news items.


Clicking on this link will bring up the most recent available bulletin. Bulletins provide an overview of this process by summarizing the contributions which citizens have made through both responses to the Minister's questions and the discussion forum. This is a useful tool for people without a great deal of time to devote to this process, but with a keen interest in participating and following this discussion.

Subscribing to the Bulletin

Interested participants can receive the bulletin directly to their email in box by clicking on the subscribe link from the menu which is nearest to the top of this (and all) page(s). You do not need to register in order to subscribe to the bulletin.

Letters to the editor

The editors are responsible for writing the bulletins and editing the summaries which are written by the scribes. All of these facilitators of this electronic consultation are members of the public who are trained to present unbiased and fair minded highlights and trends in the consultations. Click on this link to express (via email) any concerns that you may have regarding these elements of this electronic consultation. By sending feedback to the editors on the subjective work of summarizing this site, participants can take an active role in ensuring that the summaries and bulletins remain a neutral and effective tool which can be a key time saving tool for all participants.

Help is contextual on this web site. This means that in most sections in the Foreign Policy Dialogue web site, you can find a specific help page relevant to that section's elements. Please check the Help listing on the site map for details.

Visit us online at: http://www.foreign-policy-dialogue.ca