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Thank you for participating in the Dialogue on Foreign Policy. The interactive web site is now closed. The Minister's report will appear on this web site once it is released.

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Backgrounds & Goodbyes...

Participant: Barretm82

Date: 2003-04-26 21:28:19

(I posted this here as it is the most active part of the forum)

[Yes, go ahead if you like. Some of this information was supplied in your original registrations, however some chose not to give information. We have not yet had time to add a feature to permit you to change or add to your participant profiles, so if this is of interest to some, it certainly does help tell where we are all coming from. - The moderator team ]

A little bit of public background.

• During the 90’s worked for a Mainframe services company Called CyberShare
• Took over Engineering when (CDC) Control Data Corporation could no longer provide Mainframe support.
• Promoted to CIO in 97. (It was more like being fed to the lions, but I digress) ;)
• Converted Mainframe/Supercomputer services to Unix/PC/Windows environments
• Client list; Air Canada, Gemini/Galileo previously of Air Canada, Western Canada Lotteries, Akins McCally and Thorvaldson, Penner's International, Agri-Finance, Manitoba Telephone Systems, a few multinational firms and number of smaller local firms
• CyberShare was sold to become an internet based company, a number of original employees left to work with clients myself included. The new owners missed the internet bubble and the company folded. (I think)

Interestingly after leaving CyberShare in 99 a number of clients still employ my consulting skills and analytical talents. Then after the 9/11 tragedy, I have donated my time to assist where possible.

Today coming up on 31, I am recharged and at a point of deciding which direction to take my work life. Apparently much has been learned, but for me, I am open to suggestions and possibly moving into an alternative line of work, who knows what the future holds?

Steve (Barret) Chymy
E-mail: [email protected]

If you’re ever in Winnipeg, feel free to drop me an e-mail, working in the consulting industry I have become used to meeting people face to face after working with them over the computer screen, so it isn’t a big deal to meet up at a convention or other public event. Also my private e-mail is provided to the moderators registered under my full name, (I think), but I don’t want it posted as I don’t want commercial advertisements going to that account.

Oh, and as for Barretm82, it was created by friends/associates in Canadian/U.S. services just incase anyone was concerned.

To moderators,
First off thank you very much, you have been very helpful and I do appreciate all the work you have done, particularly updating this website on weekends and at odd hours.
I wish all success in your website works.

To government officials.
I have noticed that government does pay attention to this site and to be honest I am happy to be of assistance. With that said, I really am not sure which government officials are the ones who directly purview this site, but I have my presumptions. ;)

Part of the reason for listing of my early background is to give an idea of where my skills originally developed and how it may affect my observations. Perhaps this will be of help in further understanding how different types of personalities perceive Canadian foreign policy and to provide some required transparency on these discussions...

Thank you to all the people here who took part in the conversations, codc01, cfallon, Fleabag, jwitt, Vox Canadiana , fatmomma, banquosghost, Waterloo, YvonLattrapé, solardog and all the others I am sure I missed.

I wish you all the best...

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Backgrounds & Goodbyes...

Participant: cfallon

Date: 2003-04-28 13:04:20

Well, thanks back at you. The government has put together an excellent website and you were an excellent participant as were all those you mentioned.

I hope this helps the government and they feel the efforts are worth doing again...

afterall, aren't we going to start talking about the role of the DND next?

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Backgrounds & Goodbyes...

Participant: codc01

Date: 2003-04-28 17:45:27

"role of the DND next? "

There was much less publicity than on this dialogue, but there was an internet public consultation on the future of DND last year (it ended in september 2002). Maybe next time, the DND should do more publicity.

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Backgrounds & Goodbyes...

Participant: jwitt

Date: 2003-04-28 19:43:22

and all the best to you.....


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Backgrounds & Goodbyes...

Participant: fatmomma

Date: 2003-04-29 00:26:54

I wanted to say goodby and good luck to everyone. I really enjoyed our discussions. Most of you made me work a lot discovering facts and getting a clearer understanding of many world situations.
I am a 61 year old mother/grandmother. I have worked as a drycleaner many years. It's was good to dust some of the cobwebs off.
I hope the world situation settles down and we can carry on with a peaceful and happy future

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Backgrounds & Goodbyes...

Participant: codc01

Date: 2003-04-29 03:56:00

It was a very interesting discussion... It was also very englightening! Of course, if i ever go to western Canada i may pass by :)

My background : Born in Ottawa in 1975 (from french-Canadian parents), studied at University of Sherbrooke in EE and lived most of my life in Montreal, I'm currently in a 2 year work contract in France (Not in Paris as some suggested, but actually in the middle of nowhere in Provence - south of France -, i live in a village of 150 people!). I've worked at Industry Canada (telecomm), CML (embedded comm. systems), Sederta/Informission (embedded systems), and finally Gemplus (embedded systems)...

Since I've been in France, strangely enough, i've been more and more interested in Canadian politics and our defence establishment... I hope my contribution to the dialogue paper has been helpful.... Its interesting to see that people like us can make a difference!

Goodbye and good luck!
Carl Eric Codère

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Backgrounds & Goodbyes...

Participant: fatmomma

Date: 2003-04-29 22:47:28

There seems to be a lot of engineers in here. I am not of course but my son designs DC power plants for the telecommunication industry

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